114955955When people wonder why the Ultimate Fighting Championship created the flyweight division, two fighters stood out the most. Those two fighters were Joseph Benavidez who lost two fights to the UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. The UFC held a four-man tournament to determine who the first flyweight champion would be. Johnson is a talented fighter that has numerous big wins and several crucial defeats throughout his career.

Notable Wins

  • UFC 152: vs. Joseph Benavidez for UFC Flyweight Championship

In the finals of the flyweight title tournament, Johnson and Benavidez took part in one of the closest title fights in the history of the UFC. The Canadian crowd in attendance was excited to see the fast-paced action and saw Johnson become the first-ever UFC flyweight champion with a split decision win.

  • UFC 130: vs. Miguel Angel Torres

Torres was the face of the World Extreme Cagefighting bantamweight division for years so this fight was set to be on the biggest in the career of Johnson. Johnson earned the unanimous decision victory which set him up for a title shot at the UFC title.

Notable Fight

  • UFC Live: vs. Ian McCall

In the first round of the flyweight tournament, these two men took part in an exciting 15 minute fight. It was originally ruled that Johnson won the fight, but it was revealed post-fight that the decision was really a split draw.

Crucial Defeat

  • UFC Live: vs. Dominick Cruz for UFC Bantamweight Championship

Johnson has just two losses in his career. The first was to Brad Pickett and the second was this title fight with Cruz. Throughout the fight, it was easily seen that Johnson had the speed to compete with anyone, but was undersized to compete with the bantamweights. Cruz got the unanimous decision win in what was the final fight in the division for Johnson.