k0n_HKsaeHMlIn the Ultimate Fighting Championship, few fighters have made the impact, both good and bad, as former UFC light heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans. Evans made it to the UFC after winning “The Ultimate Fighter,” and even there, started irking people the wrong way including UFC Hall of Famer, Matt Hughes. As his career has gone on, he has won several big fights, been in several huge feuds (Jon Jones, Quinton Jackson) and competed in many great fights. Win or lose, what are some of the top fights in the career of Evans?

Brad Imes

This fight occurred in the finale of “The Ultimate Fighter 2.” Evans and Imes fought and despite Imes having the size advantage in this heavyweight showdown, Evans found a way to remain undefeated, win the competition, and begin his UFC career the right way.

Chuck Liddell

At UFC 88, Evans took on UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell in a fight that propelled Evans’ career further than ever before. Evans was 5-0-1 in his UFC career before this fight and was coming off a split decision win against another winner from TUF, Michael Bisping. In what turned out to be the Knockout of the Year in 2008, Evans countered Liddell and knocked out the legendary fighter, shocking millions of “Iceman” fans watching at home.

Forrest Griffin

After earning the gigantic knockout win against Liddell, the UFC decided to give Evans a title shot at another TUF winner, Forrest Griffin. Griffin had just shocked the world in his own right to win the UFC light heavyweight title, beating Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. At UFC 92, Evans and Griffin went at each other for most of the fight before Evans began to dominate. In the third round, Griffin didn’t look like he had an answer to stick with Evans and “Suga” claimed the TKO win to pick up the UFC light heavyweight title.

Lyoto Machida

After picking up the title win against Griffin, the first and only title defense Evans had the luxury of making was against the Brazilian Karate expert, Machida. At that time, this was a fight that saw both men come in undefeated, with Evans being 13-0-1 and Machida coming in at 14-0. Machida was 6-0 in his UFC career coming into this fight and had most recently beaten Thiago Silva and Tito Ortiz.

When these two men squared off at UFC 98, most fans knew something was going to have to give. Evans is a world class wrestler with great power while Machida was the most elusive fighter in the sport and had an unorthodox style. In the second round, Evans was beaten down by the talented Machida and was unable to defend his title as Machida earned the knockout win at 3:57 of the second round.

Quinton Jackson

In what turned out to be one of the most hyped up rivalries in UFC history, when these two men actually stepped into the Octagon together, it was more fizzle than spark. They coached opposite of each other on TUF and while Evans made it easy for fans to jeer him and Jackson made it easy for fans to love him, that didn’t help the results. Evans picked up with unanimous decision win at UFC 114.

Jon Jones

Another rivalry for Evans was against Jones and much like with Jackson, when these two men fought, the buildup was more exciting than the fight. Unfortunately for Evans and his fans, this fight had the opposite result than the Rampage battle. Jones dominated his former teammate for 25 minutes and retained his title via unanimous decision.