anderson-silva-ryo-chonanThe sport of mixed martial arts has been around for decades, but it isn’t until the past eight years that it has grown into the phenomenon that it is today. When Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar finished their 15 minutes war in 2005, they elevated the sport past its old reputation of being human cockfighting. They helped to build something that will withstand their lives and help make the sport a better place for fighters looking to earn an honest living.

In the history of the sport, there have been amazing fights that are still talked to years later and also a good amount of submission wins that have wowed fans and the competitors alike. In the history of MMA, what are some of the most amazing submissions in MMA history?

Chan Sung Jung vs. Leonard Garcia

This was the Ultimate Fighting Championship debut for Jung, otherwise known as the Korean Zombie. He was riding a two fight losing streak and at this point, his UFC career was in doubt. All he did in that fight was create a lasting memory for millions of fans. He caught the wild Garcia in what is affectionately known as the Twister. This submission twisted Garcia’s body in opposite directions and created an MMA star in the Korean Zombie.

Anderson Silva vs. Ryo Chonan

Long before Silva stepped inside the Octagon, he was a talented fighter in PRIDE. With a 14-2 record, Silva was still in the early stages of his MMA career and wasn’t even close to becoming the greatest fighter the sport has ever seen. Fighting on New Year’s Eve in 2004, Silva was in control of Chonan. In the third round, with seemingly no other options available to him, Chonan went for and landed an improbable Flying Scissor Heel Hook on Silva and the future UFC champion had no other choice than tap out even before he hit the mat.

Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg 2

The first time these two men fought in 2003, Hughes completed the fifth title defense of his career. He did so with a Standing Rear Naked Choke and finished off the brash fighter. In his next fight, Hughes would lose his belt, but three fights later, Hughes was champion again and these two men rematched. In the rematch, Trigg landed a low blow on Hughes and as Hughes was hoping for a break in the action, Trigg pounced and nearly got the win against the future Hall of Famer. He caught Hughes in a Rear Naked Choke of his own, but he got out. Hughes then locked on his own Rear Naked Choke and beat Trigg with the same move he used two years earlier.

Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar

When these two men fought in 2008, Lesnar was just 1-0 in his MMA career and the UFC wasted little time in giving him a fight against one of the best. Lesnar is one of the biggest and strongest fighters to ever step inside the Octagon, but at this time, he was a raw talent. He didn’t know what to look out for and Mir knew that. At the 1:30 mark of the second round, Lesnar’s chance at an undefeated career went away after he got caught in a Kneebar and was forced to tap.

Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tata

This match was for the Strikeforce bantamweight championship and coming into the battle, the undefeated Rousey had won all her fights via Armbar. When these two women stepped into the cage, she continued that trend. Tate knew what Rousey’s biggest weapon was, but in the end, it didn’t matter. Tate could do nothing to stop what was going to happen to her. In fact, when Rousey locked in the Armbar, Tate wouldn’t tap and those watching at home saw Tate’s arm bend the wrong way and many people thought that it actually broke.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Kevin Randleman

This fight was fought in PRIDE during 2004 and despite it lasting just 93 seconds, went back and forth the entire time. Fedor was on top of Randleman at the beginning of the fight, but somehow Randleman got up and delivered a huge slam, dropping Fedor on his head. Fedor recovered and got on top of Randleman. After landing a good amount of punches to the head, Fedor got Randleman to forget about his left arm and he immediately locked in a Kimura and got the victory.

Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Mir makes the list for the second time and again came out on the good side of this fight. Held at UFC 140, these two big heavyweights squared off in a battle that featured two of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the world. Mir said he was going to submit the Brazilian and Nogueira said it would never happen. I think most people believed the latter was going to be the case, but it wasn’t. Instead, in the first round of their fight, with both men on the mat, Mir caught Nogueira in a Kimura. Instead of tapping out, the BJJ Black Belt had his arm broken by Mir.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor makes the list for the second time, but unlike Mir, he didn’t get the win in both fights. Coming into this fight, Werdum had won two straight while Fedor was riding a 29-fight unbeaten streak (28-0-1NC). It was the ultimate David vs. Goliath in the MMA world and was a fight that many thought would become just another tally in the win column for Fedor. Just 69 seconds into the fight, Werdum shocked the world. He caught Fedor in a Triangle Armbar and the Last Emperor was forced to tap out and end his winning streak.

Honorable Mention: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen 1. Sonnen had dominated the champion for more than 20 minutes in their title fight, but it was “Spider” who caught Sonnen in a Triangle Armbar and retained his UFC middleweight title.