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Top Fights in the Career of Mark Munoz

by Hobson Lopes - on Jun 24th 2013 - No Comments
Mark-Munoz (1)

At two different times in his career, Mark Munoz was considered to be a top challenger in Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight division. He was 3-0 in his career before entering World Extreme Cagefighting and when he moved to the UFC, earned his way to a spot near the top of the rankings. When it comes to his career, the wrestler has...

Chad ‘Money’ Mendes Fighter Profile

by Hobson Lopes - on May 30th 2013 - No Comments

Ever since he entered World Extreme Cagefighting in 2010, Chad “Money” Mendes has become one of the most established fighters for the lighter weight classes in the world. He was 4-0 in his WEC career before being moved to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and has had great success in that promotion as well. What are some of the...

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo Fighter Profile

by Hobson Lopes - on May 30th 2013 - No Comments

The only man to ever wear the featherweight title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is Jose Aldo. Aldo is considered by many to be one of the top three pound for pound fighters in the world. Since entering the spotlight of American mixed martial arts, Aldo has never been defeated and has taken part in many memorable fights. What are some...

Joseph Benavidez Fighter Profile

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When it came to the flyweight division, it was a much needed addition for a fighter like Joseph Benavidez. In the bantamweight division, Dominick Cruz had been the man for some time and already beaten Benavidez twice. Without a flyweight division to drop to, Benavidez was stuck in championship purgatory. While that division has since been...

UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrius ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson Fighter Profile

by Hobson Lopes - on May 23rd 2013 - No Comments
mighty mouse

When people wonder why the Ultimate Fighting Championship created the flyweight division, two fighters stood out the most. Those two fighters were Joseph Benavidez who lost two fights to the UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. The UFC held a four-man tournament to determine who the first...

Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis Fighter Profile

by Hobson Lopes - on May 23rd 2013 - No Comments

When asked who the final lightweight champion of World Extreme Cagefighting was, many people often forget that it was Showtime Anthony Pettis. Pettis won the title at the final WEC event and has gone on to have a solid career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Pettis never got the UFC lightweight title shot he was seeking when he entered...