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UFC on Fox Reaction and Commentary

by Hobson Lopes - on Jul 29th 2013 - No Comments

Last night, the Ultimate Fighting Championship aired another free card and gave fans watching on Fox a big show. In the main event, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson defeated John Moraga to retain the UFC flyweight title. In other action, Rory MacDonald defeated a top contender in one of the most competitive divisions in the Ultimate...

Top Fights in the Career of Jake Shields

by Hobson Lopes - on Jun 10th 2013 - No Comments

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship, there are numerous fighters that have competed in other promotions and been champions elsewhere that have yet to find UFC gold. That is the story with UFC welterweight contender Jake Shields. Shields was the EliteXC welterweight champion when that promotion went under and was the Strikeforce middleweight...

Fabricio Werdum Fighter Profile

by Hobson Lopes - on May 28th 2013 - No Comments

Thirty Five year old Brazilian fighter Fabricio Werdum is one of the most experienced and talented fighters in the UFC heavyweight division. Throughout his career, Werdum has taken part in numerous exciting fights, some of which he has won and others he has lost. What have been the best and worst of all his career fights? Notable WinsVs....

Daniel Cormier Fighter Profile

by Hobson Lopes - on May 28th 2013 - No Comments

In the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the top of the division is led by some of the strongest fighters in the world. One fighter that stands out as a dangerous challenger for anyone in the division is a former NCAA Division I wrestling star, Daniel Cormier. Cormier came to the UFC from Strikeforce and holds several...

Gilbert ‘El Nino’ Melendez Fighter Profile

by Hobson Lopes - on May 23rd 2013 - No Comments

For years, many considered Gilbert Melendez to be the best lightweight fighter in the world. He was the Strikeforce lightweight champion and even when Zuffa, the parent company to the Ultimate Fighting Championship purchased that promotion, was left there to compete with other Strikeforce challengers instead of moving to the UFC. Throughout...

Biggest UFC Busts from PRIDE, Strikeforce and Bellator

by Hobson Lopes - on May 21st 2013 - No Comments

Jake Shields, the former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion has struggled since coming to the UFC welterweight division. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the premiere mixed martial arts organization in the world. Every fighter that puts on gloves and steps into whatever their promotion uses for a cage wants to eventually make it to the...