In March 2013, Nick Diaz once again retired from the UFC after losing decisively to Georges St. Pierre in a bout that sparked worldwide interest due to how much Diaz got under St. Pierre’s skin. Diaz was unable to accomplish much in this fight as Georges systematically took him apart. For the Diaz fans out there, it appears that Diaz’s retirement might only be in regards to stepping into a cage and not from the sport entirely.

On May 13, the California State Athletic Commission confirmed to multiple sources that Nick Diaz applied for a temporary promoter’s license to run his own MMA promotion. In addition to the CSAC confirmation, numerous credible MMA sites have reported that Diaz has purchased the domain recently reported that the name of Diaz’s promotion will be called War Mixed Martial Arts and the first show might be on June 22nd, provided that the CSAC grants Diaz a temporary license.

Diaz’s company still needs to get all of its official paperwork completed, filed with the state and submitted to the athletic commission before they can rule on a temporary license. Additionally, if they rule in favor of granting Nick a license, it’s only temporary and he would still have to return later in the year to apply for an official promoter’s license to run fights on a regular basis.

Diaz has a history of extreme behavior and confusing rants that make this news seem slightly unbelievable. However, more details are trickling out that the company will make their headquarters in Nick’s hometown of Stockton, CA, and that Diaz’s background check came back clean.

Prior to this news, Dana White was still open to having Nick Diaz fight again in the UFC despite losing twice in a row, being suspended and pushing all of White’s buttons. It’s unclear if White still feels the same after the news of Diaz’s new venture.

In addition to losing to St. Pierre, Diaz lost to Condit a year prior as the two were fighting for the right to face the injured St. Pierre. Nick vowed to retire after that fight and was suspended for a year due to testing positive for marijuana. This was Diaz’s second fight for the UFC after returning in late 2011 where he defeated BJ Penn.

Nick Diaz is a gifted fighter who seems to have trouble getting out of his own way at times. From May 2008 to October 2011, Nick won 12 straight fights and owned the Strikeforce welterweight division. He displayed elite boxing skills and an equally impressive ground game. Unfortunately, he just seemed to rub officials and most fans the wrong way with his perceived attitude and controversial comments. To make matters worse, his brother Nate is just as controversial.

On Thursday May 16, Nate Diaz was suspended from the UFC for his Twitter rant where he used a slur against Bryan Caraway. Nate, who’s coming off two losses in a row, is lucky to have not been fired from the company, although that’s still a possibility. The UFC is continuing to investigate this matter and still could terminate Diaz’s contract.

Nate is guilty of breaking UFC’s code of conduct that prohibits fighters from making discriminatory and/or derogatory comments. He’s the second fighter to be suspended for breaking this new policy as heavyweight Matt Mitrione was the first in the UFC to learn this lesson the hard way. However, if Nate does get released, it’s a certainty that he will join his brother in this promotional venture.

The Diaz brothers are talented fighters who have come a long way from their rough upbringing. Unfortunately, it seems that their MMA future may be outside of the UFC.