Joseph-Benavidez-Photo-courtesy-of-mmafightcorner.com_When it came to the flyweight division, it was a much needed addition for a fighter like Joseph Benavidez. In the bantamweight division, Dominick Cruz had been the man for some time and already beaten Benavidez twice. Without a flyweight division to drop to, Benavidez was stuck in championship purgatory. While that division has since been created, Benavidez has had a chance to be a champion, but things haven’t gone his way. He is one of the most successful lighter fighters in the sport and has taken part in numerous important fights.

Notable Wins

  • WEC 47: vs. Miguel Angel Torres

Torres was the face of the WEC bantamweight division for years and after he dropped the title, his career began to slowly crumble. For Benavidez, this was great news. When these two men fought in 2010, Benavidez earned a submission victory with the Guillotine Choke.

  • UFC on FX: vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani

When the flyweight tournament was announced to determine the first champion of the division, Benavidez’s first round opponent was Urushitani. Just 11 seconds into the second round, he got the KO win against the established Japanese fighter.

Notable Defeats

  • WEC 50: vs. Dominick Cruz for WEC Bantamweight Championship

The first shot at gold Benavidez got was against Cruz. This was the second time they competed inside the WEC cage against each other and to some, Benavidez should have walked away the new champion, but two judges ruled it in favor of Cruz.

  • UFC 152: vs. Demetrius Johnson for UFC Flyweight Championship

The second time Benavidez fought for gold in his career was the first-ever UFC flyweight title fight. This fight was another close one for Benavidez and another tough defeat in his career. He is still one of the top fighters in the division, but needs to find a way to get back into the title picture.