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Bet365 SportsBook

by UFC Betting Tip - on Feb 28th 2013 - No Comments

General InformationBet365 are one of the most recognisable brands in online betting. The bookmaker, based out of Stoke on Trent in England, has a huge presence online. It was famously started back in 2000 by Denise Coates in a portakabin. Within a year she had raised the funding to provide an online sports betting platform and a top...

Ladbrokes SportsBook

by UFC Betting Tip - on Feb 27th 2013 - No Comments

General Information Ladbrokes are Britain’s second biggest bookmaker and therefore they carry a very well trusted brand. They are one of the most established bookmakers on the high street as well as translating their excellent services to their online operations. The origins of the company itself actually stretch right back to 1886...

Unibet SportsBook

by UFC Betting Tip - on Feb 27th 2013 - No Comments

General Information Influential European online bookmaker Unibet offers a site which gives customers a great, easy to navigate experience. The feel of the Unibet website is very polished and there are little distractions to get in the way of betting. The sportsbook is very well laid out and welcoming, at the same time offering plenty...

Betfair SportsBook

by UFC Betting Tip - on Feb 27th 2013 - No Comments

General Information Betfair has won many awards for its innovative betting platform since being launched. The betting exchange allows punters to bet against their peers, without the intervention of a traditional bookmaker. Players pay commissions on their activity instead, but the system generally allows for extremely competitive market...