wec-1216-anthony-pettis-vs-ben-hendersonWhen asked who the final lightweight champion of World Extreme Cagefighting was, many people often forget that it was Showtime Anthony Pettis. Pettis won the title at the final WEC event and has gone on to have a solid career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Pettis never got the UFC lightweight title shot he was seeking when he entered the organization, but is now making the move to the featherweight division. What are some of his biggest wins and what is his most crucial defeat?

Notable Wins

  • WEC 53: vs. Benson Henderson for WEC Lightweight Championship

In the final fight in the history of WEC, Pettis became the WEC lightweight champion when he defeated Henderson via unanimous decision. It was the biggest win of his career and won them the 2010 Fight of the Year award from numerous publications.

  • UFC on Fox: vs. Donald Cerrone

Cerrone was one of the most popular fighters in WEC and has been known to take any fight the UFC wants to throw his way. In this fight, Cerrone was knocked out in the first time of his career and finished for only the second time.

  • WEC 47: vs. Danny Castillo

In his second WEC fight, Pettis lost to Bart Palaszewski and needed to rebound against the talented Castillo. At the midway point of the first round of their fight, Pettis got the knockout after a head kick and punches.

Notable Loss

  • The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale: vs. Clay Guida

In his debut fight in the UFC, Pettis took on the popular Guida and immediately dropped in the lightweight division rankings. Guida controlled the fight for 15 minutes and earned the unanimous decision ruling. Had Pettis picked up the win, he could have had his shot at the lightweight title, but instead, wasn’t able to get there.